Our Music


The Vocal Choir 

Our minister of music, Ann Whitman, has been active in music for a long time, plays several instruments, and has performed in countless musical groups since high school. She has been a church organist from the age of 16.  She especially enjoys the gift of playing "by ear" songs and hymns of special meaning. She leads or is a member of several musical groups in Delaware - thumb vocal-choir-3

Sweet Adeline International, The First State Harmonettes which she Directs, and is a tenor in the Bayside 4 in addition to being our Choir Director. So if you are interested in singing, our volunteer choir is a great place to get started and to be. It practices every Sunday after worship service, September thru June. Our singers love to use their voices to the glory of God. 

The Handbell Choir

Our Handbell Choir is intergenerational and plays in worship about monthly during the school year.  The choir rehearses Mondays at 6PM.  If you are interested in ringing, please contact the conductor, Janice Caldwell.


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Silent Night


 The Steeple Chimes

Carillon Dedication Plaque-1963

John Mitchell Delivering New Carillon-2018

Since at least 1963 the Church's belfry has hosted a carillon. On Christmas Eve, 2017, the original carillon gave up the ghost and was silent.







 On April 20th, a newly purchased carillon arrived and John Mitchell unloaded it at the Church.

Harvey Gillespie unpacking the new Carillon

Harvey Gillespie unpacked the new Carillon. He told us about as a boy in 1963 hearing the then new Carillon being played and enjoyed hearing it play Westminster Chimes during the day.

Harvey Gillespie  John Mitchell Finish Installing the new Carillon-April 20 2018

Harvey Gillespie and John Mitchell finishing up the installation of the new Carillon on April 20, 2018. The new Carillon was dedicated on April 22nd at the end of the church service.

It now plays at 12:00 noon, 5:00 PM and 8:00 PM.  Listen for it!

First Presbyerian Church of Milford Special Music Programs

Bayside Four

Can I join your choir? You sure can. Come to our next Sunday service at 10:45 a.m. to meet the Choir and it's director. We welcome everyone who wants to sing  to join us. Our vocal Choir Director is excellent at helping those who have never done this before to love Choir. 


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