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MAY 2 @ 3PM-- CAPITAL RINGERS Handbell Choir will present "Handbells Rock!"  The concert is FREE (optional freewill offering), followed by refreshments.  Come hear handbell ringing at its best!!

Keep Checking Back-More Concerts are Being Planned!

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Movie Matinee:

Tuesday, March 13/2:00 PM: It Happened One Night (1934)HAS BEEN CANCELLED.

Second Friday Events:

Upcoming Events: Mark your calendars!

Another Date Change-Friday, April 17/7:00 PM (Why-the 2nd Friday is Good Friday).  Event: Container Gardening by Margie.  Spring is expected to be springing and container gardening is a great way to either start the season or a way to garden in different spaces.  Don't be surprised if there are take-aways.

Friday, May 8/7:00 PM: How to Buy a Car.  A non-car dealer speaker (Larry Mack--former car salesman and Army Ranger/Chaplain) will help you understand what to look for and expect when you go shopping for a car.  With cars lasting longer we don't shop as often as we once did.  Find out what to expect the next time you go car shopping.


Friday, June 12/7:00 PM: TBD

Friday, July 10/7:00 PM: History of Churches in Milford.  While the First Presbyterian Church is celebrating its current building's 170th anniversary (!) and was built in 1850, the congregation started meeting in the 1700s!  Dave Kenton, Milford's unofficial historian, has offered to talk about the history of churches in Milford in general.  Lots of history in Milford, churches play a big role, and Dave's a great speaker.

Friday, August 14/7:00 PM:  Magic Bob's Magic Show and More!  Magic Bob loves to show off his magic and kids are his favorite audience.  Plan to bring your kids and grandkids-audience participation is guaranteed.

Friday, September 11:7:00 PM: 9-11 Remembrance Service.  9-11 may have been 19 years ago, but for many its still fresh in our minds and its still in today's news.  Come out and lets remember the many sacrifices many have made.

Friday, October 9/7:00 PM: TBD

Friday: November 13/7:00 PM: Home of the Brave and Veteran's Assistance Programs.  The Home of the Brave is a local, but state-wide place to help Veterans.  We're also planning to have a speaker on other programs that help Veterans get job skills that they can use after serving us in the military.
















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